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Turn Your Life Into An App

Impress your friends, families and customers with your very own Social App. Get them all connected and keep updated with your new posts, updates, stories and promos with an unlimited push notifications! Put all your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and even Whatsapp integrated into your app!


Connect Your Friends, Families and Customers All-In-One place, keep them updated with just everything and keep them informed with your life stories, success, new products & events, and new promotions with our unlimited push notifications feature! 


Unlimited Messages

Send unlimited messages / notifications to update your customers about your promotions, new launchings, service introductions, and pair up with your remarketing strategies to increase your revenues.

Increase Engagements

Keeping your followers connected with all your updates to increase engagements. While acquiring new customers is important, retaining existing customers is absolutely essential to grow your business.

All-In-One Place

Easy access to your social medias from the app, keeping your followers in loop with the latest updates. We integrates links that lead to your Facebook page, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Blog and many more!

Super Lightweight

Its easy to impress your followers with an impressive and effective app, but apps with large size are at risk of getting deleted. Have no fear with Superglam’s App, we are professionals in keeping the size lightweighted.

Grow Business

Rocket your sales today by keeping your customers close to you 24/7 with an app. Keep them notified with your new products, services and promotions, your marketing content and sales drives!


I received my app in just 3 days time! Working perfectly and started playing with the push notifications. No limitation at all! Can’t believe I bought an app for only RM999! Thanks!

Elaine Chong

Haha, so cool! My friend is so envy of me when I have my own app. It helps to increase my social engagements too. Push notifications are free and unlimited, so I did it a few times in a week. Results are amazing!

Nix Lee

Very happy with the app. Got more engagement than last time. My friends feel that I am like famous and they also want it too. Very cheap for an app that costs more than RM10k in the market. Very fun trying this!

Suki Ee

As a property consultant, I think this app really helps me alot! Many of my customers were introduced from sharing this app around. They feel that this is like a free property advisor app and they started asking many questions. Good for them and also me because I get more leads!

Max Wong

About Superglam App

Superglam App is a sub brand of Monster App created to make life wonderful for the creator of amazing social media contents and getting people connected with modern technologies.

Since 2009

Our Mission

Make Life Beautiful and Glamorous with Digital Technologies!

Our Vision
Creating a World Full of Happy Faces. Peace!

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Your Own App

Be glamorous, be cool and fun for you and your followers. 

Think. Design. Create.

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